Born and raised in Cocoa, Florida, Crystal had an appetite for fashion at a very young age, winning her first pageant in June of 1985 at just 21 months old. She entered various pageants and fashion shows continuing into her adulthood, becoming a professional model. Her love of fashion has since been used as a vehicle into other arenas of the industry, and over the past 3 years she has expanded her expertise into the field of makeup artistry.

She has been educated in makeup and skin care by attending workshops and  seminars hosted by celebrity makeup artist James Vincent and celebrity stylist Ted Gibson, classes at John Casablanca’s and Mary Kay Cosmetics, and has received private training given by master stylists and makeup artists in her area. Although she received basic education in makeup artistry, the bulk of her talents came from being self-taught through trial and error and extensive research and studying.

Crystal has traveled the East coast, participating in both local level and international shows and events. Her work experience includes but is not limited to:


  • Featured makeup artist for Graffiti Trendsetter Cosmetics Inc.,
  • National Black Chamber of Commerce 21st Annual Convention
  • The International Fuller Woman’s Expo, Detroit
  • Women in the NAACP Central Brevard Branch
  • The Curves Ahead Project
  • Plus clothing line La Physique’ (featured on
  • NPC Southern States Championship
  • NPC Treasure Coast Classic
  • Fashion Designer’s Expo, Miami
  • Brevard Community College, Melbourne
  • HotSpot Tanning, Sarasota

and an overabundance of work for freelance designers, models, and photographers.